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Febriary, 2018 - new e-Learning module (learning platform) about Cultivation, Collecting and Processing (Spanish and Portuguese versions will be added in addition to the English language) has been added

January, 2018 - uploaded site of photogallery (Final Conference at the UCAM Murcia, Spain)

January, 2018 - at the web page of e-Newsletters new Issue of the e-Newsletter have been added (Issue 3/2017): e-Newsletter Issue 3/2017

December, 2017 - photogallery from Brazil, uploaded site of monitoring (weather/meteo station link to active view, Arapiraca/Alagoas, Brazil), IP wifi camera (Arapiraca/Alagoas, Brazil)

November, 2017 - uploaded contents from Brazil section, mobility workers with youth(Brazil)

October, 2017 - preparation of e-learning module with questions and answers at the page of e-Learning

August, 2017 - uploaded page of Photogallery incl. videos - Photogallery (Costa Rica, Jamaica)

July, 2017 - uploaded page of partners - Partners, Herbs 4 youth

June, 2017 - uploaded part of the monitoring, view from wifi camera to the herbal incubator (Jamaica, Linstead/St. Catherine par., 4-H Club)

June, 2017 - uploaded documents in the part of HERBATLAS (flash eView book format - opened in new window)

May, 2017 - uploaded links to the mobility with youth, Jamaica part (4-H Clubs EXPO Achievement day 2017, Denbigh; 4-H Club, Linstead)

May, 2017 - uploaded site of photogallery (photos from Jamaica)

March, 2017 - uploaded site of Monitoring via IP wifi cameras (cameras are situated in the locality of OBCR/San José/Costa Rica [GPS coordinates] )

February, 2017 - uploaded documents Mobility workers with youth, Costa Rica (manuals in english, Authors: Astrid van Ginkel, Eva Moré)

November, 15th - uploaded documents in the part MOBILITY workers with youth, COSTA RICA

New Issue (Issue 1, Issue 2) of the e-Newsletter have been added. Links ---> e-Newsletter

Bratislava, 01st September 2016

Following the project Herbal Initiative for Youth - bridging the ocean Kick off Meeting, the project Herbs4Youth real started to transpose its planned actions into facts.

Thus, 11 persons traveling to Costa Rica will preparate and maintenance of the First Herbal Incubator / Experimental Herbal Plant in Costa Rica begun with preparation of the on-line monitoring system through the open education resource. The experimental herbal plants will be used for the training of cultivation and domestication of herbs (MAPs), on-line monitored by the trainers and trainees from other countries. Through this activity we will cover as much types of herbs as possible (due to different weather conditions).

During the mobility, development of the educational and training materials and tools during the "Herbal Camp" with Youth and workers with Youth will be made along with organizing meeting with regional stakeholders - the Regional Strategy Platform meeting and, at last, but not least, to finalize and test the Educational and training materials for Costa Rica.

Preparing first mobility - Costa Rica

Thus, the pilot put the grounds for the development of the learning and training materials for Youth and learning/training methodology for workers with Youth in line with the comparative Analysis including Study Book, Training Workbook, and the Paper Brochures for workers with Youth.

It will be performed a Comparative Analysis - research on the status, main principles and best practices of herbs (MAPs) and entrepreneurship opportunities in all partners´ countries and the Comparative and SWOT analysis Report - the ground for the development of joint curricula.
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2017-11-13 19:06:39
Esse projeto è importante para mim porque irà mim ajudar a desenvolver outros projetos relacionados as plantas medicinas existentes na minha região. Ou seja, me ajudarà a conhecer os beneficios e os maleficios que elas possuem.
joice kessia barbosa dos santos
2017-11-13 18:58:37
por que e um projeto voltado para jovens, onde esses jovens venham se torna enpreendedores.
Diego Jorge da Silva
2017-11-13 18:55:01
E um projeto voltado para jovens, que apresenta um interesse impar para minha formacao profissinal e pessoal.
Rodrigo Gonzáles Espinoza Andrés
2016-11-16 18:47:03
La página ha sido bastante agradable plántulas ohladne y lo natural atlas interesante para leer y plantas exóticas y su mantenimiento
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